We are your friendly and flexible UX and UI design team.

Before we push a pixel we learn about you. We explore your business, your customers, what they want, what you want to say and ultimately what you want them to do. With this understanding we can ensure all future decisions are validated, to advance your success.



We are independent and agnostic when it comes to tech

We have no affiliations with technologies or service providers, so you can trust the solutions we recommend are for the benefit of your business and customers, not our bottom line.


We’re nimble, we’re quick and we’re flexible

We understand every business is different and each project is nuanced, so we take a flexible approach to make the process work for the project, not the other way around. We are proactive, the senior team work on your project and we don’t waste time.


Our curious minds mean we’re always learning

We’re always testing new ideas and our diversity of client industries keeps us exposed to new challenges, solutions and technologies.


A UX designer, UI designer and a developer walk into a...

It’s ok, we’ll skip the poor joke. However our UX specialists, UI designers and developers do work and talk together everyday - in addition to business analysts, solution architects, SEO & SEM specialists and more. We collaborate with all the expertise throughout the design process, so the end result starts performing from day one.


We create design files developers love (and that saves you money)

Designs demonstrate how your product looks, but they’re also the blueprint for construction. We take the time to craft pixel perfect, logically sound, fully systemised design solutions. Our files are detailed, accurate and thorough, to save you time and money in the development phase.


Nerd is another word for expert. And we’re nerds about UX & UI

We have a deep understanding of our craft and how it is realised in code. And we enjoy sharing our knowledge. We believe the more you understand UX and UI design, the more value it will offer your business.

Ways of working


Direct hire UX & UI design

We love working directly with brands and business owners.
Engage us on demand, or lean on us for continued UX strategy and UI design support, so your team can focus on what they do best.


End to end product development

Not sure exactly what you need? Or want the experience design to lead the solution?
With a wealth of experience in large and small product development from concept to delivery, we can lead the entire project for you, and even help you craft the brief.


Plug & play UX & UI design

Already have developers but need a UI design specialist? 
We love collaboration and working with teams and multiple partners. If what you need is UX design or UI design to a specific brief, we’ll deliver on brand and on brief.


Agency support

If you're an agency and need additional resources, we can integrate seamlessly into your business, just like we’re a part of your internal team.

20+ years of professional creative experience

Specialists in UX & UI design, we’re uniquely informed by our experience in visual design, art direction, branding, creative direction, fashion and product design.


Userkind is a Sydney-based digital agency founded by Lucie Bertiau & Garreth Wills.

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