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Podiem is a sales engagement platform for internal sales teams. It is feature rich, highly engaging, inspires competition and is unique in what is a complex business service category.


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The Challenge

To the uninitiated, lead generation and sales engagement can be complex to understand at a glance. Podiem was in the launch phase and engaged Userkind to lead the development of their online experience, and connect with prospective clients that arrive on their site. There was a lot of information to capture and many unique offerings to explain.

Our UX strategy was to make the complex simple. This required our own deep understanding of the product and the people who would use it, what exists and why Podiem was unique. Armed with this information, our objective viewpoint enabled us to break down industry jargon and talking points, to bit-sized customer and end user led benefits.

Additionally, our understanding the philosophy of the Podiem platform, which involved a unique method of gamification of the sales process, informed the unique UI design direction within the category.


We crafted bite-sized content sections to enable ‘scanning’ user behaviour, for low intent business prospects to capture key details quickly without reading. More detailed information is revealed as the reader becomes more engaged, and requires more information.

Our design system approach enables the site to scale with new features and content over time, while remaining on-brand and consistent. The internal marketing team can add new pages and content with ease using our flexible content blocks via the Sanity, headless CMS.


The gamified metrics and rewards platform informed a playful design direction, with the feeling of activations through the content elements. The strategic use of bold colour, within a white canvas kept the information at the front, and highlighted key details.


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