One Fell Swoop  ⎯ UI design to establish the leadership credentials for a premium property development advisory firm


 ⎯ One fell Swoop are the established leaders in their field, as a design, marketing and sales advisory for luxury, retirement living property developments. With a swathe of new competitors to the burgeoning sector, they sought to refresh their brand, highlight their deep expertise and the premium quality of their projects, while simplifying how they express their services.


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One Fell Swoop


The Challenge

We needed to create a website that would effectively communicate the client's unrivalled experience, long-established reputation and premium design positioning to potential customers. The website needed to convey the client’s leadership and expertise in luxury seniors living, and that the properties under their stewardship were of the highest quality.



Our UI team worked closely with the client’s internal creative team to transform their creative vision for the brand into an engaging, responsive digital experience. We used typography, large images, asymmetric layouts, subtle interactions and space to establish a premium brand positioning.

The website highlights the client’s unrivalled expertises through sections dedicated to the their thought leadership, such as research insights, pulse studies and global architecture study tours, in addition to their clearly articulated expertise within each of their services.

In addition to the website, we developed a suite of email templates for customer outreach and new business prospecting. The new email design ensured the recipients experienced a seamless brand impression across all digital channels.


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