Ultraceuticals ⎯ Crafting an online experience to grow direct to customer sales while supporting customer to therapist relationships.


⎯ Australian science based skincare, Ultraceuticals is globally renowned for its efficacy and Real Visible Results. Established 25 years ago, Ultraceuticals is a professional skincare brand, distributed through salons and clinics, with proprietary treatments that deliver genuine results.

Balancing their customers’ desire for flexible purchasing options, whith the need to nurture their professional salon relationships, Ultraceuticals sought a new online experience to grow the brand while supporting their therapists.


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The Challenge

With global growth ambitions, the online experience needed to validate the brand's premium positioning as a leader is cosmeceutical skincare. And customers need to be educated in the use of the products: in choice, frequency, regimen and application.

Userkind led the project to design a new experience that served the needs of customers and professional therapists, while growing online sales and improving the conversion of visitors to customers.

Through research we identified customer habits, biases and needs, while understanding the friction points for therapists' own businesses. We designed a solution enabling customers to continue rewarding their therapists while shopping online and driving new customers into salons for enhanced results on their skin journey.


The best results are achieved for your skin when a product routine is coupled with in-person Ultraceuticals treatments. The site features prompts throughout the purchase journey to find a therapist and book in person consultations.

With our therapist affiliation feature, customers have the convenience of continuing to purchase online, without cutting their therapist out of the sale.

At the point of purchase customers can assign their preferred therapist’s clinic, to receive retail commisions every time they shop online. 


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