Morco fresh ⎯ Crafting an immersive brand experience, connecting unique narrative of heritage, expertise, and innovation with a discerning and creative food service audience.


⎯ Morco Fresh, a leader in fresh food distribution across Australia, distinguished itself with an unparalleled service that catered to airlines, mining companies, arenas, and venues. Renowned for innovation, reliability, and sustainability, Morco Fresh boasted the largest national network of growers and distribution. Despite servicing major players in the food service industry, creative food businesses found them less appealing.


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Morco Fresh


TSE Group

Unveiling The Challenge

Recognising the need to capture the hearts of chefs and creative food service professionals, Morco Fresh engaged TSE Group to reset the brand to align with their vision for future growth.

Collaborating with TSE Group, Userkind was tasked with bringing the new brand to life online.

Crafting the Narrative Solution

The primary objective for the website was to captivate and involve visitors in the brand's distinctive, deeply personal, and compelling narrative. This approach aimed to not only visually excite but also foster a profound connection with the Morco Fresh story.

Additionally, the website sought to serve as a validating platform, reassuring visitors that Morco Fresh stood out as the ideal partner for sourcing and procuring the finest fresh produce in Australia.


An immersive User Journey

The user experience was meticulously crafted with a focus on seamless interactions, ensuring a fluid transition between each section of content. Leveraging the view height of both desktop and mobile screens, the website artfully unfolded each chapter of the page’s narrative, with a single minded focus in each view.

Embracing the brand's creative essence, the design incorporated an abundance of colour and featured bold, yet playful and confident typography. The use of vibrant visuals, including numerous pictures and videos, became a cornerstone in effectively conveying messages and enhancing the overall storytelling experience.


TEch to empower flexibility

The technical approach embraced for this project involved a React Next.js front-end build, seamlessly integrated with Sanity CMS and hosted on Vercel's serverless platform. This powerful modern stack enabled us to deliver a content-rich and immersive experience, while maintaining optimal page load speed.

Anticipating the possibility of content publishing across various channels in the future, we advocated for a headless CMS solution.

Leveraging Sanity's flexible CMS, we successfully implemented a streamlined publishing workflow for the marketing team. This allows for on-the-fly page building and customisation, granting the marketing team unparalleled flexibility in executing their campaign strategies, without the need for constant designer or developer intervention.


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