InStyle Magazine Australia  ⎯ Delivering a fast and flexible publishing platform experience.


⎯ Userkind was asked to lead the solution, UX and UI design for the new digital edition of InStyle Australia. Considering the user experience of both, the readers and the editorial team, our mission was to deliver a fast elevated reading experience, that offered easy and nimble content flexibility for the magazine staff.


Solution Design
UX strategy

UI Design


True North Media


InStyle Australia Magazine


Built with flexible content templates within a headless CMS architecture, our custom design system and component library means the editorial team can craft unique pages on the fly, with a consistent on-brand appearance without UI designers or developers in the workflow.
We crafted a clean, spacious UI design to hero the content on the site, and to live up to the premium InStyle Australia brand positioning.


Userkind is a Sydney-based digital agency founded by Lucie Bertiau & Garreth Wills.

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